Privacy policy

Our company will manage the user’s personal information
according to the following privacy policy.

1. Personal information acquisition and collection methods

Our company handles the following types of information, acquired via methods that are both legal and just.

  1. Information acquired from writings sent to our company by the user, screen images such as those from websites, and e-mails.
  2. Information acquired from oral communication with the user.
  3. Information acquired by our company incidental to the user’s usage of the site (includes information automatically acquired by our company’s system, such as information acquired using cookies, web beacons, log files, IDFA’s (identifier for advertisement), and other technologies).
  4. Information obtained upon inquiry to public institutions, such as that contained in residence records.
  5. Information from a publicly available source, such as the phone book.
  6. Information acquired from a credit information agency or other such agencies.
  7. Other information legally obtained from the user’s introduction.

2. Types of personal information our company acquires

Our company may acquire the following types of personal information from the user via methods specified in Article 1.

  1. Name
  2. Sex
  3. Address
  4. Date of birth
  5. E-mail address
  6. Telephone number (including mobile phone numbers)
  7. Facebook account
  8. Twitter account
  9. Browsing history of external websites

3. Restrictions on the acquisition of sensitive information

As a general rule, our company does not acquire information of the nature indicated below. This need not apply, however, in the event that such information was provided by the user him or herself.

  1. Matters concerning thoughts, beliefs, or religion
  2. Matters that could result in social discrimination, such as race, ethnicity, lineage, place of residence on family register (excluding prefecture information), physical disability/mental disorder, and criminal record
  3. Matters concerning the workers’ right to organize, collective bargaining, and other group actions
  4. Matters concerning participation in demonstrations, exercising of the right to petition, and exercising of other of political rights
  5. Medical treatment and sexual lifestyle

4. User attribute information, device information, location information, and activity history (referred to below as “behavioral information”)

Our company uses cookies to protect the privacy of users, improve user convenience, deliver advertisements, and acquire statistical data. Among the information acquired via cookies, javascript, and other technologies, our company may acquire age, date of birth, occupation, area of residence, and other non-personally identifiable user attribute information (limited to information which could not be combined to identify a person), as well as device information, user activity history within the site (accessed URL’s, contents, access order, etc.), and location information (based on the user’s acceptance/offer) from when the user uses a smartphone or other device. However, cookies and behavioral information do not contain any personal information. Our service also uses a behaviorally targeted advertising service in order to deliver pertinent advertisements to users. To disable the behaviorally targeted advertising service, visit the opt-out page ( and follow the listed procedures.

5. Usage of personal information

Our company uses personal information it holds about its users for the following purposes.

  1. Handling inquiries

    User address, telephone number, and e-mail address information

  2. Providing support

    User address, telephone number, and e-mail address information

  3. Marketing

    User date of birth, sex, address, and e-mail address information

  4. Sending e-mails regarding our company’s services or products

    User e-mail addresses

  5. Introducing new products

    User addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses

6. Provision to third parties

Our company will not provide personal information it holds about its users to third parties, except in situations in which one of the following items applies.

  1. The user consents to the provision
  2. Provision is based on laws and ordinances
  3. Provision is necessary to protect someone’s life, body, or property, and there is difficulty in obtaining consent from the user
  4. Provision is particularly necessary to the improvement of public health or the promotion of healthy child rearing, and there is difficulty in obtaining consent from the user
  5. Provision is necessary for cooperation in business (as established by laws and ordinances) conducted by state agencies, local government bodies, or persons entrusted by such institutions with said business, and obtaining consent from the user may hinder the execution of said business

7. Secure protection of information

Our company is taking necessary and appropriate measures (referred to below as “secure management measures”) for the secure management of personal information, including managing access to personal information, limiting the methods by which personal information can be carried away, and preventing the leakage, damage, or destruction of personal information (such as illegal access by an external entity).
However, the secure management measures our company is taking are not absolute, and our company does not guarantee absolute protection of personal information.

8. Policy toward children

Our company, using methods specified in Article 1, will not willfully collect personal information from children thirteen years old and younger.

9. Holding personal information

Our company will hold the personal information of a user as long as there is a need to provide service to said user. Please contact our company via the designated form ( to request that we not provide you with services that use your registered user information. Our company will also hold or use registered information as necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and execute contracts.

10. Disclosure of personal information

As a general rule, the only circumstance in which our company will send a “purpose of personal information usage” notification, or disclose, revise, add to, delete from, cease using, or provide to a third party personal information (activity referred to below as “personal information modification”), is in response to a request from the user him or herself for disclosure, revision, or the like.
For information on specific methods, please contact the personal information management contact.
However, our company reserves the right not to comply with personal information modification requests in the situations listed below.

  1. There may be harm to the life, body, property, or other rights/interests of the user or a third party
  2. There may be considerable hindrance to the execution of services
  3. Personal information modification would be in violation of laws or ordinances
  4. Personal information modification will be considerably expensive
  5. There is difficulty in modifying the user’s personal information, so the company takes appropriate alternative measures necessary for the protection of the user’s rights/interests

11. Modifications to the privacy policy

Should our company modify this privacy policy, it will post on the site ( or a notification to users. This notification will remain posted for two weeks. Should our company intend to use a user’s personal information in a manner different from that which was posted during the collection of said information, our company will notify the user and have the user decide whether or not his or her personal information will be used in this manner.

12. Party responsible for managing personal information

Please direct inquiries regarding this privacy policy or our company’s handling of personal information to the address below.

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SK Building, Koyasu-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Experience Inc.,
General Affairs Division