Spinning a story of gods and men,
destiny and free-will.


“Stranger of Sword City” is successor to the evolution of the traditional Dungeon RPG genre.
With its pursuit of the 3 core elements of attraction for Dungeon RPGs “Character Making”, “Conquering Dungeons”, and “Dungeon Crawling”.

Furthermore, using our experience and know how with a large number of titles within the Dungeon RPG genre has allowed us to create enhanced support features that allow for the users to enjoy the title to their hearts content.

In this title users will be able to select between the beautifully fantastic art style of Yoko Tsukamoto or the art style of Oxijiyen, an artist renowned for their cute character graphics for the NPC illustrations in game.

Along with your fellow adventurers, break through the impregnable labyrinths, and find a way back home from this alternate world back to modern times.

Game Information

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Platform: Xbox One
Genre: Dungeon RPG
Release Date: 03/22/2016 (North America)
Teen - ESRB