Website Terms of Use

Users of the Websites shall be deemed to consent to the following agreement.

Article 1

The definitions of terms used in these Terms of Use shall be as follows.

“We, Us, or Our”
Experience Inc. (SK Bldg., 1-9-6, Koyasumachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo)
“The Websites”
Websites displayed under URLs of and operated by us
“These Terms of Use”
Agreement prescribed by these Terms of Use
Viewers of the Websites

Article 2

We may change these Terms of Use without notice. The revised version of these Terms of Use shall be effective after the change has taken place.

Article 3

While we are careful to ensure the accuracy of information provided on the Websites, no guarantees shall be provided regarding the following matters.

  1. Usefulness, accuracy, reliability, or recentness of uploaded information
  2. The content on the Websites does not contain any computer viruses or other harmful content, and everything is secure.
  3. Uploaded information conforms to the function appropriate for a specific purpose.

Article 4

We do not provide support services to users. Accordingly, we shall not be liable for responding to inquiries, questions, complaints, or demands from users.


In the event of responding to users, at our discretion, we shall make an effort to respond in accordance with following conditions.

  1. We shall reply to the email address specified by the user, with the goal of replying one week after receiving the inquiry. However, this does not guarantee a response within that period of time.
  2. We shall respond to inquiries expressed in Japanese or English.
  3. As a general rule, we do not accept inquiries by phone. However, we may accept calls at the following hours.
    1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Based on Japan time.)
    2. From 2 p.m. through 5 p.m. (Based on Japan time.)
    3. Users shall be responsible for communication charges.
  4. Response may be delayed depending on the content of inquiry.


We shall not be liable for investigating the cause of malfunctions of our products. In identifying the cause of malfunctions of our products, investigation and analysis shall be conducted at the user’s responsibility and expense. While we shall strive to cooperate with user investigations, we shall only do so when it’s by means of telephone or email.


We shall not be liable for providing operation at any user’s residence or any location that a user specifies. Nor shall we be liable for providing separate modification or repair of the products users purchased.


We shall not be liable for backing up or saving data stored in the products in all cases, including in the event of providing support to users.


Only after we, at our discretion, determine that we are responsible for cause of product malfunction, shall we provide updated data to users. We shall be deemed to fulfill our responsibility by providing updated data. We shall bear no responsibility for refunds to users, monetary damages, separate repair for programs that users use, or other damages besides providing updated data.

Article 5

We may suspend the server, revise information (including adding, updating, and deleting), or interrupt or stop providing the service without prior notice.

Article 6

We shall not be liable for the following damages, and any other damages that may occur related to the Websites. Users shall be solely responsible for using the Websites.

  1. All damages incurred to users through using the Websites, or not being able to use the Websites for any reasons
  2. All damages caused in relation to data written, unauthorized access, statements, or email transmissions by a third party
  3. All damages incurred to user’s software or hardware caused by accident, malfunction, computer virus infection, loss of data, or damage of data through browsing the Websites, downloading, or receiving email sent from us.
  4. All damages incurred by users through conflicts among users

Article 7

Copyrights and other rights related to information uploaded on the Websites belong to us and our licensors.


Users are not allowed to use (including replication, falsification, and distribution) works related to information uploaded on the Websites without permission.


In the event of sending email to users from us, all copyrights related to the content of email belong to us.


All trademarks (service marks), characters, logos, decorative designs, and rights related to composition used on the Websites belong to us. Users are not allowed to use them.


We may freely use or cite, without notice to users, the information written on the Websites, questionnaire responses, inquiries to us, and the content of email users sent to us, excluding information related to personal information.

Article 8

Users are prohibited from the following actions.

  1. Actions that infringe or may infringe on our assets or privacy or those of any third party
  2. Actions that cause or may cause any third party or us a loss of profit or damages
  3. Actions that violate or may violate public order and morals
  4. Actions that defame, slander, or threaten any third party or us
  5. Actions that jeopardize or may jeopardize our or the Websites’ trust and/or reputation
  6. Actions to post obscene statements, images, and videos
  7. Actions to use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses
  8. Actions that constitute or may constitute criminal activities, or actions that may lead to criminal activities
  9. Actions aimed for business activities, profits, or preparation for such business activities
  10. Actions of false declaration or notification, such as registering another person’s email address
  11. Actions that violate or may violate laws, ordinances, or regulations
  12. Actions that we deem inappropriate


In the event where we find prohibited actions committed by users, we may remove all or part of them without prior notice to users. However, we shall not be liable for monitoring the Websites.

Article 9

We recommend the following system requirements to use the Websites.

Windows Vista or later Modern browser with Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Chrome 40 or higher, or Firefox 40 or higher
Mac OS X 10.10 or later Modern browser with Safari 8 or higher, Chrome 40 or higher, or Firefox40 or higher
iOS 7 or later Standard browser (Safari)
Android4.4 or later Standard browser (Chrome)


In addition to the system requirements described above, users shall be solely responsible for preparing, setting, storing, and maintaining devices and environments required for using the Websites.

Article 10

In accordance with the Privacy Policy (, we shall collect, use, and manage user’s personal information.

Article 11

We shall not accept ideas, memos, concepts, or other suggestions from users regarding new product development and marketing.


Suggestions that users provide us shall be deemed to be provided in agreement with the following matters.

  1. We shall not be liable to maintain confidentiality regarding suggestions
  2. We shall not be liable for evaluating or considering suggestions
  3. Even if the ideas, memos, and concepts we develop are similar to the suggestions, we shall not be held liable by users in any way

Article 12

We shall not be liable for damage caused by the content of third parties’ websites (hereinafter, “Link Sites”) linked to or from the Websites or damage incurred from using the Link Sites.


It does not imply that the Link Sites and we have business deals, or are in a personal relationship.


If you wish to link to the Websites, please contact us and obtain our approval in advance. However, even if our approval has been obtained, it does not imply that we guarantee the contents of any Link Sites.


Please use the Link Sites at your own responsibility in accordance with the conditions the Link Sites provides.

Article 13

All demands caused by the Websites, or demands related to proposed transactions on the Websites (all demands including illegal activities, and demands that are not based on other agreements) shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan without regard to applicable conflict of law provisions.

Article 14

In the event where consultation fails to resolve any conflict caused by the Websites, or conflicts related to any proposed transaction on the Websites (all demands including illegal activities, and demands that are not based on other agreement), the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court in Japan shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the exclusive conflict resolving institution of this conflict.