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Stranger of Sword City

The main differences between the Xbox One and Vita version of Stranger of Sword City are the following points.

  • A portion of Monsters and Lineage Species are different in each version.
  • Different End Labyrinth for each version.
  • Due to popular demand by our fans, the Xbox One version will have NPC portraits available as Player Character portraits.

Yes! Our current Xbox One title Stranger of Sword City does include a digital instruction manual.

There are 2 ways to access it.

First is on the Main Menu of the game by selecting Help, the game manual will open.

Second is press the Xbox One “”Menu”” button while the game is running or using Kinect and saying “”Xbox Help”” will open up the Help system.

We do apologize that at this time we currently have no plans for the release of the game’s original soundtrack.

We do apologize that at this time we currently have no plans to localize Strange of Sword City in other languages at this time.

Please do feel free to use our Online Contact Form to express your interest in the localization of Stranger of Sword City into a specific language.

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